System Deployment

Once the system has been commissioned, a copy will be stored within the cloud system. The system is synchronised each time the app is launched, and changes made are uploaded each time the Settings screen is closed.

You can deploy a system to another iOS device in two ways. Either way involves going to the Settings screen, choosing Systems and selecting Edit > Add New System > Add Existing System

  1. By specifying the system name, and your cloud username / password
  2. By scanning a QR code which you can make available to the end user.

QR codes can be generated using the Cloud system:

QR codes can have an optional expiry date (i.e. a date when the QR code no longer retrieves a system), and also an optional Access Expires number of days (i.e. the number of days that the system can control the HDL equipment after being downloaded). The latter option is useful for giving temporary access to HDL systems.