A Circuit is the association between a Room Control and a device.

Tap on Add a new Circuit and enter the circuit name (e.g. Ceiling Spots) and select the circuit type – Dimmable Circuit, Non-Dimmable Circuit, or DMX RGB Circuit. The choice of circuit type will determine the type of control placed in the room – On/Off with slider, On/Off only, or a Colour Wheel for selecting an RGB colour.

Dimmable Circuits

Dimmable circuits provide a 0-100% slider control as well as tap on/off functionality. These circuits are typically only used with dimming channels.

Dimming Circuit Control

Non-Dimmable Circuits

Non-Dimmable circuits are identical to Dimmable ones, however only the tap functionality is available. These types of circuit are commonly used with relays.

Non-Dimmable Circuit Control

DMX RGB Circuits

When controlling RGB lighting, a DMX RGB Circuit control should be used. The process for assigning a RGB Circuit is similar to that of a regular dimmer channel, however you only assign the RGB control to the first channel on the DMX unit (Red), and the subsequent two channels are used for Green and Blue.

DMX RGB Circuit