Gateway Configuration

This page explains the initial procedure required to get your iOS Device talking to the HDL system, using your wireless network. For those who are technical, this will explain how to change the static IP address on the HDL IP Gateway so that other devices can communicate with it. This only needs to be done once.

  1. Ensure the IP Gateway is powered on. If you’re using the wired module (HDL-MBUS01IP.431) then ensure it’s connected to a HDL power supply using bus cable. If it’s wireless (MCIP-RF.10 or MCIP-RF02.10), ensure it’s either connected to a power outlet with the included power or it’s connected to a powered, wired bus (but not both).

  2. Connect the IP Gateway to your wireless router, using an Ethernet patch cable.

  3. On your iPad or iPhone, browse to Settings > WiFi. Connect to your wireless network, then tap on the i button (see below)

  4. Take note of the IP address and the router and write it down. In this example it’s and the router is Yours may be different. Once you have written down the current IP address, tap on Static (see below):

  5. Manually enter the settings below, then tap < Wi-FI

  6. Press the home button and launch the HDL Control App

  7. I've you've a system already created, tap on the settings icon in the upper-right hand side of the screen, and tap HDL IP Gateway Settings. Tap Discover HDL IP Gateway (see below):

    The following window will search for the IP Gateway, and show it in the list. Please tap on the IP address:

  8. Go go Settings (cog in top-right corner) -> Devices > Edit > Add a new HDL Device. The IP Gateway or Wireless MESH Gateway will appear in the list. Tap on the Device, and select Add (top-right of window). Tap < Devices (back). Tap on the device in the list, to see its settings. Select IP Settings. Enter the IP address that corresponds with the IP address you noted earlier. In this example, it was 192.168.66.x. Enter the first 3 numbers, and ensure the last number is .250 for IP Address. For Router IP, observe the address noted above and use the same last number there. In this example it was .1.

  9. Tap Save, and then Power cycle the IP Gateway/MESH Gateway (keep off for 10 seconds before powering on again). This will ensure that the device remembers the new IP address.

  10. Browse to the iPad/iPhone home screen, tap Settings -> Wireless -> tap the (i) symbol next to the wireless network, and tap DHCP

  11. Finally, launch the HDL Control App. Tap on Settings (the cog) -> HDL IP Gateway Settings -> Discover HDL IP Gateway, and ensure the IP Gateway shows in the list, with the new IP address corresponding to your home network. You are now able to proceed to program your system from the app, as well as connect to the system from your laptop on a wireless network without having to change the IP address again on your iOS device or computer.