Selecting a Keypad device will display a list of the available buttons – you can select any of the buttons and be presented with a list of options for that button to program the desired function.

Buttons can be set to:

This functionality can be applied to either a single circuit of lighting, or one of the scenes which have been created.

Note: if a Scene is linked to a Keypad button, then whenever the Scene is edited, the Keypad will be reprogrammed immediately to reflect the new scene levels / fade time.

Depending on the Keypad, there may be additional options, for example for setting the colour of the active and inactive state of the button, and for setting the sensitivity of the touch area.

DLP Keypad Buttons

For the DLP Keypad, there are also options to choose the icon to be displayed in both the active and inactive state:

You may select an image from the library, and optionally insert some text, with various size & alignment options.

All Keypad buttons also have a Clear Key Programming option which clears any functions recorded on the button.