Scenes are a quick and easy way to recall specific lighting levels. Since version 2.1.8, scenes have also been able to have AV Actions attached.

Adding Scenes to a Room

Adding scenes is simple, within the room settings page, tap Add a Scene and enter the scene name, eg Movie. You can also select whether the scene can be altered by the end-user interface (see setting a passcode for more information). Initially you will want this to be Editable, to allow you to set the scenes initially, but you can then go back in to the room & set Editable OFF to prevent the end user from altering some, or all scenes.

Configuring Scene Levels

To set the levels of a scene, go into a room and set all the channels to the correct lighting level, then tap on the settings icon on the scene you'd like to configure. This will bring up the screen where you can choose which circuits to include in the scene or not, and optionally set a running time - this is the duration it takes for the lighting levels to adjust to the values shown.

Scene Button with `User Editable` Enabled